Peter Loffredo

Logline: A woman who has lost her short-term memory discovers that she is being hunted by nefarious government forces for a secret left to her by her father. [Based on actual events]

Synopsis: While undergoing a radical medical procedure for a life-threatening illness, KELLEY MORGAN is given a drug that temporarily eliminates her short-term memory. The effect doesn’t wear off in a couple of days like it’s supposed to, however, and as Kelley’s day-to-day life begins to unravel, she simultaneously discovers that she is being stalked by shadowy forces. When she discovers that her father left her something just before he mysteriously disappeared seven years ago, something that could bring major trouble to some very influential people, the stakes have already risen to deadly heights. As the reasons unfold for Kelley’s connection to this secret, she must call on survival skills she learned in childhood to save her family and her own life.
Based on actual events, “OUR HOUSE” is a drama-thriller that takes us on a rollercoaster ride from the jungles of Viet Nam in 1969 to the sleepy suburbs of New York in present time, connecting the dots between famous and infamous historical events, separated by four decades, that still effect us today. “OUR HOUSE” is also an interpersonal story about how an unexpected crisis can free us up to rediscover ourselves, our loved ones and what’s really important in life.

WGA #:1132842