Logline: A down-and-out mother and her long lost son, who was kidnapped as a baby, are reunited as adults. Together, with some mysterious help, they make the startling discovery of who the kidnapper was.

Synopsis: “The karmic wheel keeps returning us to the same place until we resolve what we came here to resolve.” With those words of premonition, an enigmatic TAROT READER warns the hero of “THE KNIGHT OF CUPS” of what is to come. BENNETT MILLER has been a lucky man all of his life, always seeming to be in the right place at the right time. BONNIE EGAN has not been so lucky, always seeming to encounter misfortune and bad breaks at every turn.
Throughout their lives, although neither of them knows why, Bennett and Bonnie’s paths have kept crossing. In fact, Bonnie’s bad luck has always turned out to be responsible, somehow, for Bennett’s good luck.
As the pieces to the puzzle of their connection unfold, Bennett and Bonnie come to a startling realization - Bennett is the son that Bonnie lost to a kidnapper decades ago. When fate finally brings mother and son back together, face to face in a life and death race against time, each of them must make an impossible choice and pay the ultimate price in order to bring their destinies back into balance.
And then... they must face the most shocking discovery of all - who the kidnapper was.

Peter Loffredo
WGA Reg. #: 131317