Peter Loffredo

LOGLINE: A cop, a scientist and a psychology professor join forces to try and stop an epidemic caused by a virus that attacks the emotional heart.

SYNOPSIS: In a quiet town in upstate New York, there is an unexplained surge in cruel, antisocial behavior. Murder, greed, infidelity and general psychopathic mayhem is spreading among people who were previously loving and decent, and no one seems to know why. That all changes when DR. ELAINE STRINGER reveals that a genetically altered virus, originally created to eliminate physical pain, has gotten out and mutated into a form that eliminates a person’s ability to feel emotional pain, and therefore, destroys their capacity for empathy. While Dr. Stringer takes steps to warn the public, she becomes the deadly target of those responsible for the disaster. In a race to stay alive long enough to search for an antidote, Dr. Stringer is helped by her friend, psychology professor, EUGENE MENDOZA, and a philosophical cop named, LAWRENCE WALTERS.
HEARTLESS is a thriller with psychological underpinnings that takes its lead characters on a suspenseful rollercoaster ride to save humanity, and their own lives, while exploring the true nature of the human heart.

Peter Loffredo
WGA Registration #: 1238065