CRAVING DEATH: A Romantic Comedy

Peter Loffredo

Logline: A hapless psychotherapist stalks his rich, handsome patient, who seems to have it all, but yet dreams of suicide. In the process, and with much hilarity and serendipity, the therapist finds his own true love.

Synopsis: BILL HILL is an unorthodox psychotherapist whose own personal life isn’t exactly a shining example of mental health. He’s broke, unhappily divorced, eats breakfast cereal for dinner and lives alone with his equally peculiar cat, “Frida” (who bears an odd resemblance to the famous artist of the same name).
Bill has been working on a book for years about people who seem to have it all – good looks, success and great love lives – yet are obsessed with thoughts of suicide. As luck would have it, the perfect patient arrives for Bill’s study: DAN SHAY, a man who has the ideal dream life, but dreams of killing himself. Bill decides that in order to truly understand Dan’s disorder, he has to intimately learn about, and ultimately infiltrate Dan’s life. To that end, Bill takes up golfing, fishing, surfing and motorcycle-riding and shows up uninvited at Dan’s fabulous beach house.
Needless to say, Bill’s plan leads to many humiliating and hilarious mishaps, but it also leads Bill to meeting SANDRA, Dan’s single sister - a smart, aloof, but weirdly charming geek who thinks love is a biochemical imbalance and that sex is merely a convenient excuse for people who don’t want to read at night.
Will Bill come to understand Dan’s craving for death?
Will Bill win over Sandra and show her the true meaning of love and sex?
Will Bill write the book that saves all the winners of the world who want to kill themselves?

WGA Registration #: 1104470
Peter Loffredo