THE AGREEMENT (For Television)

Created for Television
Peter Loffredo

“Whatever is still there when you stop believing in it…
…is reality.”

LOGLINE: Human beings discover their hidden destinies with others as they are compelled to fulfill agreements made between their souls before they were born.

SYNOPSIS: THE AGREEMENT is a one-hour series for television that follows in the metaphysical footsteps of “The Twilight Zone,” “The X-Files,” “Highway to Heaven,” and the recent hits, “Six Degrees,” “Joan of Arcadia” and “Dead Like Me.” In each episode, there is an agreement between the main guest characters. The twist is that they do not know what the agreement is because it has been made between their souls before birth. The protagonists struggle through a life-changing conflict that alters, yet fulfills a destiny that they didn’t even know they had until the final reveal.
Only the recurring character, DR. BENJAMIN, a doctor in the small town hospital, knows about the agreements because he is an intuitive facilitator who is able to bridge the spirit world with the physical one. The two main characters in the series are the very earthbound KATHRYN KIDDER, a fiery, hard-drinking policewoman with a dark past, and GARY HAMMERLEIN (“Little Hammer”), the happy-go-lucky but nihilistic sociology professor - and would-be boyfriend of Kidder. Kidder helps the main characters solve their crime-related situations or personal traumas as she also tries to rid herself of her own inner demons, while Gary mainly tries to stay alive as he keeps getting drawn into the agreements.
Each episode is a complete story, with a one hour arc, replete with high drama, crimes and conflicts that are resolved through both supernatural and human intervention, often with an ironic twist (in which, for example, the actions of a bad guy inadvertently facilitate a good outcome for someone). Each week’s story will feature new guest stars as the main characters.
The background setting is a small, sleepy community, a haven that only appears idyllic on the surface.

Peter Loffredo
WGA #: 928172