COUNTERPART (For Television)

Created for Television

LOGLINE: A man and a woman, living in the same neighborhood, but in parallel realities, discover that, in fact, they are each other.

SYNOPSIS: VINCENT EVERS has always enjoyed the finer sensory pleasures of life - music, art, gourmet cuisine and the love of his beautiful wife, TONI. Then one day, for no explainable reason, he starts losing all of his senses. As his world begins to grow silent and dim, he desperately searches for an explanation that medical science cannot give him.
DAVA is a mysterious woman endowed with extraordinary abilities and superhuman senses since birth. While some consider her to be gifted, she feels cursed, unable to tune out a world that is rapidly closing in on her. Controlled by the police, hounded by the press, and stalked by an elusive but powerful enemy, Dava’s survival is in the hands of a man she has never known.
In each episode of the series, Vincent is reluctantly pulled out of his idyllic existence because he must help Dava, his counterpart, or his own life will be in peril. Dava, in her reality, is reluctantly drawn into crises because of her unusual powers, and those who wish to exploit them.
Dava’s only “friend,” as such, is the recurring character, DETECTIVE PAT MARLIN, the one person who has known about Dava’s abilities – and her dark past - since her youth. Marlin protects and watches over Dava, but he also knows that her special abilities might not be just an accident of birth. In fact, as the series progresses, we will discover that a powerful bio-tech company was involved in a genetic engineering experiment that led to Dava’s extraordinary powers. Said “Company,” however, in their desire to manipulate Dava and use Marlin, didn’t count on the intervention of a mysterious man from a parallel dimension - Vincent. Over the arc of the series, Dava becomes increasingly aware of Vincent’s existence and that he is helping her. She is ambivalent, however, about receiving that help and would rather that Vincent just disappear from the canvas of her mind.
Vincent reaches across the dimensions of space and time to connect with Dava, aided by the guidance of two recurring characters, “BILLY FRENCH,” a psychic channeler, and “GRACE,” a uniquely gifted young woman. This creates chaos (and some occasional comic relief) for Vincent in his personal life, including some major stirrings of jealousy in his wife, TONI, who wonders who this mystery woman is that Vincent is so obsessed with. Vincent himself, over the arc of the series, does indeed develop an attraction to Dava, and even becomes obsessed with trying to meet her in person. But can he actually be attracted to, let alone meet, a counterpart version of... himself?!
Can Dava and Vincent ever find peace in a world in which they see and hear and know more than anyone else would ever want to? Vincent and Dava search for answers - and for each other - in this series where nothing is what it seems to be, and everyone in their counterpoint existences is drawn into life-threatening crises that can only be resolved by crossing the very boundaries of reality itself.

WGA Reg. #922604