Peter Loffredo

“Whatever is still there when you stop believing in it… is reality.”

Logline: The fates of five lives are mysteriously and inextricably interwoven as they follow a trail of murder and occult suspense that leads to a terrifying climax in which all involved must fulfill an agreement made between their souls before they were born.

Synopsis: SAMANTHA MAPLETON has had a secret friend all of her life, a friend that she hears but never sees. When “Sam” was five years old, that friend helped her survive the brutal murder of her mother at the hands of her sinister father, ANTHONY. Because Sam told the truth, her father went to jail. Now, sixteen years later, Anthony is out, more full of hate than ever, and hungry for revenge.
STEVEN COZZI, professor of religion and psychology, hasn’t been able to remember his dreams since a fatal car accident killed his best friend twenty-one years the exact moment that Sam was born.
KATHRYN KIDDER is a tough and fiery policewoman with a dark past. For reasons connected to that past, she is compelled to protect Sam at all costs.
GARY HAMMERLEIN, happy-go-lucky but nihilistic sociology professor - and would-be boyfriend of Kidder - has studied Anthony in prison and is sure the killer is stalking him for reasons he can’t understand.
If our heroes are to survive, Sam must try to find out who her unseen friend is; Steven must try to remember his dreams; and Kidder and Gary must try to stop Anthony.
And everyone must fulfill the agreement that none of them knows they made.

[Note: Screenplay can serve as a feature film or a movie pilot for TV series.]

Peter Loffredo
WGA #: 928172