Logline: A man and a woman, living in parallel realities in the same neighborhood of New York City, must find a way to contact each other in order to save their own lives. In the process, they discover that, in fact, they are each other.

Synopsis: VINCENT EVERS has always enjoyed the finer sensory pleasures of life - music, art, gourmet cuisine and the love of his beautiful wife, TONI. Then one day, for no explainable reason, he starts losing all of his senses. As his world begins to grow silent and dim, he desperately searches for an explanation that medical science cannot give him.
DAVA is a mysterious woman endowed with extraordinary abilities and superhuman senses. While some consider her to be gifted, she feels cursed, unable to tune out a world that is rapidly closing in on her. Controlled by the police, hounded by the press, and stalked by an elusive serial killer, Dava’s survival is in the hands of a man she has never known.
Vincent and Dava search for answers where nothing is what it seems to be, as everyone in their seemingly counterpoint existences heads toward a final life-threatening crisis that can only be resolved by crossing the boundaries of reality in a way that just one unique man...and one very special child...can understand.