Peter Loffredo

LOGLINE: A Fifth Avenue psychotherapist loses the confidential file on one of her wealthiest male patients, a man with a lot to hide. The file is then found by a sexy, female con artist.

SYNOPSIS: The mystery and intrigue ripple out in all directions as “RISA,” the grifter, sets about seducing and extorting “DREW,” the patient, while “KIMBERLEY,” the therapist, tries to cover up her mistake and get to Risa before Risa gets to Drew.
THE FILE is a sexy whodunit that is also a who-is-it? Each time another shoe drops, we find out that another person in this very sexy psychological thriller has more than one identity and more than one motive for their actions. In the end, no good-guy is left unscathed, and no villain is without their redeeming quality.
“LEONARDO,” a street artist/sage who draws people the way he sees them on the inside, puts it this way in THE FILE:

“Nobody really is who they seem to be, baby. No. Nobody. We’re all playin’ the game of
dee-cept-shuuun, dig?”

Peter Loffredo
WGA Reg. #959391