Peter Loffredo & M. Roman Rosales

Logline: A state-of-the-art zeppelin in 1929 overcomes impossible odds and threats at every turn while accomplishing the first circumnavigation of the globe by air.

Synopsis: At one of the most dramatic moments of the Twentieth Century, just before the collapse of the world’s economy and the start of the greatest of all wars, a group of unique individuals from a dozen nations, led by one visionary man, dared to do something that would change history. In the summer of 1929, sixty men and one very special woman boarded the GRAF Zeppelin on the eastern shores of the United States to begin a fascinating and harrowing journey, filled with wonderment, romance and international intrigue, that would show them, and the enthralled population of the earth, things no one had ever seen before.
Based on a true story, GRAF follows HUGO ECKENER, the world’s foremost expert on zeppelin design, as he fulfills his dream of revolutionizing commercial travel by making rigid airships, as large as luxury ocean liners, the wave of the future. In the process, Hugo must overcome treacherous weather conditions, technological challenges and attempts at in-flight sabotage by political enemies and a vengeful victim of the previous World War. In addition, Hugo, a married man, must face a romantic challenge from LADY GRACE HAY, a renowned reporter from the Hearst newspaper empire. An independent, free spirit from the Roaring Twenties, Lady Hay believes in Hugo’s dream, but she is torn between her love for him and the forces from her own government coercing her to betray him.
GRAF is a never-before-told story for the ages. At once a thriller, drama and unique historical epic, this is a movie about heroism, betrayal and a rare instance when the nations of the world united in support of one cause.

WGA #: 1218212
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