Play the promotional video to the FULL PERMISSION LIVING WEB TV SHOW below.

FULL PERMISSION LIVING, hosted by Peter Loffredo, LCSW, is an approach to self-actualization, but moreso, it is a way of living life as it is naturally meant to be lived.
Full Permission Living is the based on the understanding that human beings are, by first nature, sane, loving, cooperative, creative, humorous, intelligent, productive and naturally self-regulating. Full Permission Living rests on the foundation of truth that all people are entitled to live pleasure-filled, spontaneous, lives without guilt, shame or oppressive inner rules and prohibitions. Indeed, we are meant to live with full inner permission to follow our natural inner guidance and our inborn pleasure instinct to seek out gratification in all of our actions and endeavors, and that such a way of living always benefits those around us and those that we love.

On this show, we will explore ways in which we can reconnect to our true selves and live lives of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and material fulfillment, while remaining in a state of harmony with others and with the world around us. We will discover the truth that life is meant to get better and better as time progresses, that growing up, maturing and aging is not at all a deteriorating process, but rather one in which the individual becomes more and more potent and powerful in all areas until the very end of a lifetime. We will discover that everyone has everything already built in that is necessary to achieve the fulfillment of their deepest desires. And it's no secret!

The Full Permission Living Show will feature the out-of-the-box (and sometimes out-of-this-world) views of Peter Loffredo - on eveything! Peter, whose very popular blog, FULL PERMISSION LIVING, has attracted a great deal of attention and a hundred thousand readers since it inception, will also share his thoughts with some very unique guests, panel members and audience participants. In person on set and via e-mails, Peter will field questions and comments by viewers and readers of his blog.