The next episode of the CITY ROCK series, Episode Four: "HEAT WAVE," will be put up in a staged reading at The Players Theater (115 MacDougal Street) in Manhattan TONIGHT! Wednesday, May 12 at 8 PM.

This is the fourth in the series of monthly readings of the entire first season of CITY ROCK.

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Letter to Producers:

The accolades are rolling in for the most recent staged reading of Peter Loffredo's series for television: "CITY ROCK!"

After three amazing performances in staged readings thus far - one of the pilot episode in December, directed by Paul Michael Glaser at the Cherry Lane Theatre, and the other two episodes performed at Shetler Studios in March and April - we are expanding into a larger venue at The Players Theater for the next reading, which will feature an all-star cast of New York actors, and will be directed by the multi-talented Karen Giordano, who most recently worked as a creative consultant and acting coach with Lee Daniels on the Academy-Award winning film, "PRECIOUS."

One producer in attendance at the April 12th performance of Episode 3: "Ridin' That Train," at Shetler Studios in New York said this:

"Look what you've created! A world of characters seems to have been born! There was some real energy and excitement in the room yesterday. I was struck by what a grand creation it was. By having these monthly readings you are willing this series into existence. It feels like it's inevitable that this show will happen, so people should get on board. Plus, the writing is really great! Great job, Peter! I'm excited to see what the next chapter will look like!"

Producers have never seen a TV series pitched like this before, because there has never been a show on television like this before! This is a show that takes us inside life on the gritty streets of New York City as it was in the early 1980's, a time of major transition, both in the city and in the country at large, a time that still is having ramifications for us all today. These characters, this amazing group of misfit warriors and working class heros will be remembered long after the Sopranos have faded into television history.

The next one-hour episode of the CITY ROCK series, "Heat Wave" will be put up in a staged reading at The Players Theater (115 MacDougal Street) in Manhattan - tonight! - Wednesday, May 12 at 8 PM.

So, put on your Swatches, Jellie shoes or Gucci loafers, your Ra-Ra skirts, leg warmers or Members Only jackets, and, of course, your Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses, and come enter the world of City Rock... before it gets to HBO!

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All my best,
Peter Loffredo