"Honey, We Forgot to Raise the Kids!"

Published, NY Times: November 30, 2005

To the Editor:

As a psychotherapist who has worked with adults, children and families for almost 30 years, I loudly applaud Judith Warner for illuminating the near-disaster that is modern parenting (''Kids Gone Wild,'' Week in Review, Nov. 27).

I have been warning parents for almost a decade now that they are creating a generation of cranky narcissists who, on the one hand, will grow up to be unable to live without constant reassurance and indulgent attention; and on the other hand, will consider their own achievement levels above all else, including basic human values like empathy, cooperation and altruistic love.

The opposite of this negligent and lackadaisical trend, by the way, is not harsh discipline or suppression of emotions, but as Ms. Warner says, appropriate limit-setting and letting kids be kids.

In other words, good parenting.

Peter Loffredo
Brooklyn, Nov. 27, 2005